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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fix it Friday #68

Before my edits
After my Edits


Dee said...

I really like your first edit but what did you do? It looks like a "rain" action and sepia tones but what & how? What do you use - PS CS?? or PSE? Yeah, I'm curious, always trying to learn new things.

collyn23 said...

I use Photoshop elements 7 mostly but sometimes i use paintshop pro x3

in the first edit I first went into ehance and did all the auto enhanced features like color correct, sharpen, etc. then i went to filter and noise and did reduce noise. I then I duplicated the background layer and then added the rain effect then i used the eraser tool and erased the rain effect from the little girl and left the effect for back ground only. Then I flatten the image. Then added the sepia tint effect. and merge all. Then I used the dodged tool and lighten up around her eyes. I cropped the picture some as well and also enhance the contrast more. and sharpened around the eyes as well. That is about it! Thanks for asking I am fairly new to PSE I am more used to PSP but my hubby is a pro at PSP I am still learning so much I am trying to learn effects and stuff. but if you have anymore questions I would love to help if i could