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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waterpik Easy Select Showerhead review

I was really excited when this showed up to my door honestly because the Shower head in my bathroom is tiny, old and about garbage. I have wanted a hand held shower head for a long time now especially ones with the massage features and different spray features to help with my neck and back. There are so many on the market right now from cheap to very very expensive and really I had no clue what to buy especially since this isn't our house just one we are renting and also we don't have much money to spend on stuff like this. So this was like a very early Birthday present for me and my husband or a late anniversary present ha ha.
The Waterpik Easy Select Shower head looks gorgeous. If I did own my own house this is definitely something I would put in my bathroom and the guest bathroom. It was easy to install. My hubby had it up in less than 5 minutes.It just screws on and done.

My husband installed it and was in the shower with in 5 minutes. He could not wait to try it out. He gets out and just starts bragging about it. "It is so cool babe. It has massage and a mister. Its awesome!" After that I had to try it because well he made me jealous ha ha. I wanted a nice hot water massage. I love the big sprayer on it so when I am in the shower I am not playing bulls eye with the water moving back and forth to get myself washed off. Now I can stand in one spot and get all the soap off. Its great!

It has some great sprays that are
•High/Low Concentrated Center Spray
•Circular Massage
•Power Spray / Pulsating Massage
•Water Saver

So if your in the market for a new Shower head then check out Waterpik Easy Select Shower head . They sell them at Home Depot. So check it out and see why it is so awesome!

Thanks to Mom Select & Waterpik for letting us try this out and share with you my readers!