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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wholly Products review

Back to school means after school snacks and crazy schedules for dinner. Well at least for me it does. We are always eating something fast it seems during this time. I try to still stay healthy and yummy but sometimes it doesn't always work out that way. So when Wholly products ask me to do a review I was sure why not.

All Wholly products are great all-natural snacks. Perfect for back to school and lunches and dinners. We got to try out lots of Wholly products I was surprised on all they sent us, even a apron and chip clips. Awesome!
The first thing we tried was the Wholly Queso. We love nachos and chili cheese fries so we were excited to try this. I tried it on my baked sweet potato and it was perfect. My hubby loved it with chips. My kids loved it with veggies and chips. It wasn't spicy at all. It was very creamy and cheesy. So good! Definitely something we will continue to buy often. They have it in classic which is cheddar cheese and in Blanco which is white cheeses. Both delicious!
The next thing we tried was Wholly Guacamole. I love avocados so I knew I would love this. I put this on everything lol. I could honestly just eat it out of the package. I ate it on my sandwiches, baked potato , fries, tacos, salad, chips and more. My husband and most of my kids don't like avocado so they would try it. My youngest though takes after me and could and will eat it on anything. Best thing is it contains no milk so she can eat it. She goes into the fridge and gets out the 100 calorie packs and bites them open and eats them. I absolutely love the 100 calorie packs. These come in Classic, 100 calorie packs, spicy, pico de Gallo, organic, guaca salsa and simply avo.
The last thing we tried was the Wholly salsa. I loved the mild. The medium was too spicy for me. I have became a wuss since I grown up haha. I love the chunky but saucy consistency. It was so flavorful and yummy. I think I might buy the garden fresca kind next time so the kids can eat it too since it is more the sweet non spicy one. I know I could never handle the hot.

Overall we will definitely be buy the Wholly products again and actually we have already buy more guacamole haha. I will recommend it to everyone! It is a great healthy way to get you and your kids to snack healthier and better. You can get these at most grocery stores. I get mine at Walmart and Smiths. So check out Wholly products and make snacking and meals so much better!


Anonymous said...

sound great Ill have to try it thanks for sharing