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Sunday, September 12, 2010

George Foreman Evolve grill review

OK I got the awesome chance to test out the new George Foreman Evolve grill all thanks to Family Review Network. I was so excited and so was my hubby. He thought this was something he definitely wanted to test out. Me and him have seen the infomercials and thought is this one of those too good to be true things. You know what I mean?
When the George Foreman Evolve grill arrived I was surprised how heavy it was. The little grill was heavy. It is pretty small but great for a small family. it can make like 3 to 4 regular size hamburgers. If it was hot dogs well then you can make enough maybe to feed my big family. But it was great because in the winter when it is snowing outside I can make grilled foods indoors and they will be healthier as well. That's a bonus for us!
So it comes with two grill plates one for the top and one for bottom that go on and off with pull of a lever which make clean up awesome. That has to be my favorite feature. It also come with a deep dish pan for things like lasagna or cinnamon rolls or whatever. The other thing it comes with was a mini sliders pan which is great for those cute little burgers or chicken sandwiches. These are great for parties and get togethers! They are also awesome for my little ones who don't eat a whole burger, these are perfect size for them and they call them baby burgers lol!
The George Foreman Evolve grill is easy to use you just put your burgers, steaks, pork chops, veggies or whatever in it and turn the temperature to the degrees you need and then set the time and done. Now this thing cooks alot faster then the stove or oven. I put 3 full size hamburgers in it that were completely frozen and set it at 400 degrees and in 8 minutes they were done and delicious. They great thing is it comes with a drip cup that you put under it and then pull the lever to tilt it some and all the fat and grease in drained away from your food and into the drain cup so your food isn't cooking in grease and fat. That is awesome!
The only issue if I must say something bad was that the wording on the box of what comes with it was different because I thought it came with stuff that it didn't. but the stuff it did come with was awesome and still a great value for the price. The other thing is the lid or top is so wobbly because it is just hinged for foods that or fatter or skinner so it can accommodate both. I just got nervous like it was gonna fall off but it is pretty sturdy and would fall off because I let it wobble and twist a bit and it stood tough so I guess it is just my mind or matter with it know it wont but feeling like it will ha ha.
Overall I am very impressed! It definitely works as well as the infomercial said. I cant wait to grill some veggies up and some steaks. Yummy! My husband is very pleased with it as well. Now between this and my other favorite cooking appliance that I reviewed I barely ever use the stove, oven or microwave. I love that! So head over and check out all that George Foreman has to offer.

"This post was written for Family Review Network & George Foreman Healthy Cooking who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest review"


Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

I had a grill like this a few years ago and dropped it one too many times because the casing broke. I really need to get a new one soon! On the one I had the top grill was able to fold all the way back, so that it gave two cooking surfaces. Wish I could find another like that!