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Monday, September 27, 2010

Hexbug Nano

I am always trying to find toys that my girls and my son can play together that aren't too girly or too boyish. So when I got a chance to host a Hexbug in home party I immediately thought this might be one of those things and wanted to see if my kids would like them.

What are Hexbug Nano? well they look like little robotic ants lol. I know great we are trying to kill ants and we get robotic ants but at least these ones don't bite ha ha. They are small and got like eight legs and crawl all over the place. They have habitats and stuff as well to put them in to watch them go around and around their path ways. My kids all loved them. They just fell in love with them and played with them for hours. Even my niece loves hers and plays with hers as well all the time. They reminds me of a bug version's of Zhu Zhu pets. They come in all different colors and plus there are different kinds of Hexbugs other then the Nanos as well. Like spider and more. They carry them at Walmart, toys r us, Kmart, Target and more. This is definitely the must have toy of the season. Your kids will love them and they are reasonable too!
Thanks to Momselect and Hexbugs for allowing the free products to have this in home party!