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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pocoyo DVD review

I like to find shows for my youngest 3 to watch while the older ones are still in school to help give me a little time to get things done. Alot of the cartoons are still too mature for my 2 year old but there are a few she will watch. She loves cartoons with little kids like Cailou and such. So when we were approached about reviewing Pocoyo I crossed my finger and hoped it was something they would love.

The DVD was 49 minutes long and it was called Meet Pocoyo which is the first one of more to come. My kids weren't sure if they liked it at first but after about 5 minutes they were totally focused in it. They loved the music and animals and little boy Pocoyo. It was fun, educational and it kept them entertained the full 49 minutes yay! Nick Jr is now airing the show as well some my kids look for it to come on everyday. It now has become one of their favorite DVDs to watch during rest time. Overall I am pleased with the show and so are my kids.

About Pocoyo :
The CGI-animated television series brings children into the bright and exuberant world of Pocoyo (“little me” in Spanish), an inquisitive and fun-loving three year-old boy and his animal friends, Elly (the elephant), Pato (the duck) and Loula (his pet dog). Pocoyo is packed with music, dance, and humor, and encourages children to “learn through laughter™”.
Pocoyo is visually very different to any other pre-school program. The innovative use of CGI animation allows Pocoyo to become a very real child-- he moves, talks, plays and learns like a toddler, and he can sulk and throw tantrums like only a toddler can!


sunnymum said...

we watch pocoyo at the end of Peep and the big wide world. Usually pretty funny!