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Monday, September 6, 2010

Summer 3 stage reward potty trainer & step stool review

My youngest is two and is so ready to be potty trained. I might not be but she really is. So I went to pull out our potty chair which I got before my oldest was born and yes that means 12 years old. It was still a perfect potty chair and was made tough and I know why well because it was made by Summer. Anyways as I was getting it out I realize some wear or some how I lost the cushion part of the the potty chair. I was so disappointed! So I started shopping around for potty chairs and either they were way to much money or they were so flimsy. I know this is my last baby but still I want it to be a good one. So what do you thing I started to look for? That's right Summer brand potty seats.
We got lucky and Summer sent us their newest potty chair the Summer 3 Stage reward potty trainer & Step stool. Now I must say this is like the exact potty that I had before that I got 12 years ago but all upgraded and new features but the same style and this one we got was for girls so it was pink and cute. You would of thought it was Christmas when it arrived and my 2 year old seen it. She immediately started ripping open the box to get her potty out. As soon as it was out she immediately stripped her diaper and clothes off and went pee. She knew exactly what it was for and loved it!
I love the new added features they have now. The first one I love it the toilet paper holder which is awesome so my daughter doesn't have to climb off to get toilet paper and make a mess every where while doing so. The other thing I like it the Wipe compartment so handy! I love the cute flower and butterfly design on it. We both love that once they outgrow the potty chair then you can take the seat part off and attach to the regular toilet and flip the chair over and use it as a footstool. My old one did this and it was awesome since my kids love it on the regular toilet so they feel like the big kids.
Over all we love this potty chair and I must say it is reasonable and well worth every penny. Like I said I had a version of this potty and it lasted me and 5 kids over 12 years and would of last probably another 10 years if I didn't lose the cushion part. They are just so awesomely made and so durable to last through all you throw at it. So head over and check out this and all Summer has to offer. I will totally tell you Summer has alot of great products and had been my favorite for many many years. Everything I have gotten that was Summer brand has lasted and I trust them fully. So check them out!