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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tillamook Cheese mmm mmm good!

We love cheese! We buy alot of shredded cheese and block cheese. We buy it for sandwiches, tacos, casseroles, chips, crackers, snacks, and more. I refuse to buy some of the cheaper cheeses because some just taste nasty and greasy and fake. Honestly its gross. There are a few that taste fine but I am picky ha ha. Tillamook is one of the best around! I love the medium cheddar and the pepper jack  and Colby jack. MMM yummy!
 Tillamook has the best flavor and is the richest tasting. So creamy and flavorful! It melts awesomely. It gives sandwiches a better taste. It is not as greasy and oily as some of the other cheeses as well. My husband and kids love the Tilla-Moos. They are a snack size single serving piece of cheese. These are great snacks and awesome for lunch boxes. I love the 2lb loaf of cheese. Its perfect for slicing, shredding, and cubing for my salads. So if your picky about cheeses you definitely need to check out Tillamook cheeses. If your not picky well try it anyways because once you taste it you will be able to tell a difference and I know you will fall in love with it! You can find Tillamook at most grocery stores everywhere in the diary/ cheese section!
Check them out on  Facebook (http://facebook.com/TillamookCheese) and Twitter (http://twitter.com/TillamookCheese) to connect with other cheese fans, trade recipes and find coupons for Tillamook products.