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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Worlds Best Cat litter review

I have had cats since I was like 2. I am a huge cat lover. I have for the last 20 odd years had at least 1 cat at all times. I have even had 12 cats once and let me tell you now that was crazy! Especially since we started with two then went to one then back to two then along came 4 kittens and lost one then second set of kittens which meant 5 more and then added our grandpas cat after he passed away makes 12 cats. Then when the kittens got 6 weeks those 5 got adopted so back to 6 then got rid of one of the first set of the kittens so went down to 5. I was so sad to get rid of all of them when we moved out of state but I had to. Then a month ago we got a new kitten finally. He has been so fun and rewarding but a big pain in the butt at times as well. He is definitely one of the kids lol. So being a important member of the family and knowing what I do about cats and all you can guarantee I got the best cat litter around. Its called Worlds Best Cat Litter and honestly it is.
Why do I say I get the best cat litter and not food? Well food I get a middle brand because I cant afford the good stuff and I have had just a good experience with the cheap stuff as I have with the expensive brand so I don't see a difference but cat litter there is a huge difference. The cheap stuff is so dusty and after one use it stinks so I change it 10 times more often. With Worlds Best Cat Litter It smells great when I put it in and it isn't dusty. I can change it once a week and you cant even smell anything even a week later. Plus this cat litter clumps so much better to remove the soiled parts easier without all the mess. Honestly when people come over they would never know we had a cat other then him attacking your feet lol. I could change it once a month if I wanted to and it would still be OK. This in return saves me money and saves my house from stinking. That's a very good thing. Another great thing is Worlds Best Cat Litter is made from whole kernel corn and is all natural with no added chemical so it is safe for animals and people. It is biodegradable and flushable as well which is awesome!

So if you have a cat or cats you should definitely check out Worlds Best Cat Litter. You will be so glad you did. It is carried at Petsmart and Petco and other stores as well. Plus I found on Coupons.com a $3 off coupon right now and that helps save even more. So check it out!


dee said...

thanks for the great review this cat litter sounds like a great deal I will have to check it out thanks again