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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ebeanstalk review

This time a year the big things people buy and stores sale is toys! Lot and lots of kids toys! So with that being the case why not buy great quality toys that will last? Where you might ask well at Ebeanstalk. They have huge variety of toys to choose from. They have  learning toys, ride on toys, toddler toys, baby toys , craft sets, and even fun toys for you bigger kids.
We got a great traditional wooden Pound-A-Peg toy for my 2 year old. It is a quality sturdy toy. It is all wood so no more broken plastic pieces. It is brightly colored it red, yellow, blue and green. It comes with a wooden mallet to hit the peg down then flip it over and pound them down again for endless fun. My daughter thought this was interesting. She like the colors and she loved the hitting part except she kept want to hit other people with the wooden mallet and that hurts lol. Once we got her used to hitting the pegs she easily got the hang of it and play with it for a while not as long as some of her other toys but she still comes back to build she says haha. So over all I think she likes it and I know it will last a long time.

There are so many more toys I have on my Christmas list to get for my kids for Christmas and birthdays. You bet Ill be shopping at Ebeanstalk again and again. I was very impressed with their service, shipping time and quality of products. Their selection blew me away and their prices are awesome as well. So head over and check them out you will be glad you did!


hendy said...

Just checked out their store and they have so many fun and educational toys. I hope they'll be offering a giveaway on your blog because these would make perfect gifts.