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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Libman Freedom spray Mop

I am always looking for the next big invention to come out to make being a mom easier. Things to help with all the house cleaning, laundry washing, food making, kid entertainer type toys etc. So when I just the chance to test out the new Libman Freedom Spray Mop from Mom Bloggers Club I was excited to see if it cut my mopping time in half or made it easier or cheaper.

When it arrived I immediately noticed it was alot lighter than my other spray mop. This is a plus with my sensitive shoulders and arms and back. Though I did wonder if lighter mean flimsier. It didnt! The mop is perfect height. It comes with scrubbing pad to attach to it to mop the floor and the best part is these pads are washable. So no more getting a new pad every time you mop or a couple everytime you mop lol. This saves me alot of money which is very important and it also saves on waste which is another bonus. Another great feature is this one you can fill it up with any cleaner you want whether water, organic cleaner or spic and span. This is another money saving feature. I must say I love the pads on this one because it has a scrubby like brillo pad time section on them for the tough spot on your floor. I have 6 kids and there is always a few spot of sticky stuff I usually have to get down and scrap off the floor with my nails and with this it scrubbed it for me and no damage to my nails Yes!! Cleaning is hard enough on your nails, hand and body so every little bit of help is awesome!

Overall we were very pleased with the Libman Freedom Spray Mop. Its definitely a great mop and money saver and time saver. So if your in the market for a better, cleanier, healthier, money saving money look no more this is the one for you!


Laura H. said...

I've recently seen this advertised on TV and wondered how well it would perform. I, too, like the fact that you just reuse the pad but don't know if I want to wash it in my washing machine. (I'm kinda funny about what goes in where I wash my underwear!) But the fact that you would save money by not having to buy refills while saving the environment makes me pause. I may just have to try this out! Thanks for the review.