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Friday, November 26, 2010

Boys Action Figures are great presents for the Holidays

What boy these days isn't into superheros or star wars or something to that nature? I know my son loves them all. His favorite super hero is Spider man and Batman. His favorite shows and movies are star wars. Hasbro has those any more. I buy alot of their stuff for my kids for Christmas so I was excited to see new boy action figures that I knew my son would love.

We got a Spiderman 3 inch Action Figure and my son loved it. He says he is collecting super heroes now ha ha. The one we got is fun because you can suction cup one side to one window and the other to the other and watch him slide all the way down to the other side and defeat Green Goblin. Lots of fun and a must have for the boys that love superheroes.

The other thing we got was the STAR WARS ACTION FIGURES WITH GALACTIC BATTLE GAME which his and his friends favorite because not only are they a cool action figure but they come with a competitive gaming base, a unique battle attributes card and a die to play the game and battle each other. They think that is cool and whats better than playing cool games with your friends? These would make awesome gifts for your boys for Christmas as well and both are around $7 so very reasonable. So check them out and everything Hasbro has to offer!


Shari said...

I remember my brother was so into Spiderman Spiderman does what every a spider can. hehehe

trishden said...

I miss those days. My boy is 20 now and he's done with the action figures, but I have a grand nephew who is 16 months, so I'm looking forward to the years ahead. Thanks for the great review.

Warhammer Empire said...

To some, action figures are toys to be ripped from the package and played with. To others, they are collectibles to be coveted, hunted and protected. Serious collectors leave the action figure in its original, unopened packaging to protect their investments. What type of collector you are will determine how you display your action figures.