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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday to me!

OK today I actually hit 30. Wow I don't feel 30. I think mentally I rather be like 24 and physically I feel like 50 haha. I don't feel anything different today but its always a big deal to people when they hit 30. Me my birthday is just another day of getting kids up and ready for school. Doing reviews and blogs and emails and such. Cleaning has to get done and lunch and dinner have to be made. I not doing anything special today or expecting any presents other than cards my kids make and that's enough for me.  Me and my hubby went on a date night on last Friday it didn't turn out as planned like always but the important thing was we got to get out without kids for a couple hours. Overall today is just another day only thing different is I turned another year older and hit my 30's. Haha big deal I am a mom of 6 and a wife and a daughter a sister and a friend and that just me age doesn't matter I can have fun like I am 21 and be responsible like I am 30. I can talk baby talk and talk grown up talk. I have enough lessons learned behind me to feel experienced enough to help others and I still listen to my elders because hey they got more experiences then I do! So Happy Birthday to me its just another day of learning and growing!


Shari said...

Happy Birthday, darlin'!

I am glad 30 is going well with you. My 30th was a hard one for me. But.. meh.. they don't much bother me any longer.