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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mix Pups are a must have for the Holidays

How many of you have kids that love the littlest pet shops stuff or the Polly pockets and stuff like that? Well if you do then Mix Pups are for you. These adorable little dogs come with 4 accessories to design you puppy the way you like. You can mix and match legs, hair styles, and clothing. You can even get play set for them.

We got Lucy the Dalmatian and Annie the bulldog. My 6 year old and 8 year old love play with them. They create some cute pups and then they play dogs for hours barking and panting and all. Its a great toy for the holiday season. I am gonna get a few more Mix Pups and accessories for them for Christmas because that is all they are asking for now.

So if your looking for something your kids will love you have to check out Mix Pups. They are the cutest and funnest new thing out!


Shari said...

Cool toy! I want to show these to Hannah and see what she thinks of these. They may soon be a hit on her list! ;)