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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Baby3 & Friends review

My girls love games that they can feel grown up in. They love taking care of babies, animal and more and I love that they aren't real ha ha. So My Baby 3 and Friends is perfect for them. It is a fun game that my girls absolutely adore playing. They love playing the interactive games and feeding their baby. They can bathe her or him and play fetch with the puppy and play with the other babies. The don't lose interest in it and there is so much they can do with it! This would make a awesome gift for Christmas for your girls!

Game Features
*The baby game Sim is back: the third installment in the My Baby franchise that has sold over 2mm units worldwide
*Use the Touch Screen, Stylus, and even Microphone to interact with your baby in new and exciting ways at any time
*Care for and stimulate your baby: change, bathe, feed, cuddle, and play with your baby. Take baby for walks and introduce objects and even language to help baby develop important skills
*Slide, swim, swing, play fetch with a dog and interact with another baby in 3 brand new, fun filled, environments: living room, garden and park
*Enhance your baby’s hand-eye coordination with 30 new skills: play with the ball, pile up the cubes, make puzzles, and more!
*Spark social development: For the 1st time in a My Baby game, make your baby interact with another baby or a puppy
*Customize your baby’s physical appearance and then go shopping for cute clothes and accessories
*Decorate your nursery by selecting from 6 new room themes and more than 350 items
*Snap photos of your adorable little tot to send to family or earn money by selling them or entering into competitions
*Experience the joy of parenting with life-like baby sounds: happy, crying, tickled, and baby-talk
*Brand new to My Baby: Choose the skills YOU want to work on with your baby in a non-linear way
If this game looks like something your kids would love it is available where any Nintendo DS games are sold. So head out and check it out and pick it up for that special Christmas gift for your loved one. They will love it and so will you!