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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tommee Tippee Explora sippy cups review

My daughter actually drinks from regular sippy cups  most of the time. She is completely off the bottle during the day but needs it for comfort at bedtime.  I have tried regular sippy cups but she wont take them. So When I got the chance to try out Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy cups I was excited to try them since I have seen so many great reviews on them.

When I received the sippy cups from Tommee Tippee my daughter immediately wanted them open to drink from them. I was hesitate to put anything stainable in them at first because my experience with soft spout cups have been they all leak bad but not this one. This one only leaked if it was squeezed or been sitting on its side for a long period then it dripped a small seeping amount but a hundred time less then all the others I have tried. I was hoping at nap time I could get her to take this sippy cup to bed since it was soft spout like the bottle and after she was like no flipping way but after a minute or two she decided to try it and fell a sleep with the cup. It does come out a little faster than her bottle and I think if it was alot slower then I could totally replace the bottle with this but overall she loves using this cup during the day and at naps. I love how easy it is to clean. There are no little spill proof stoppers that get yucky and uncleanable. I like that the soft part comes off or the screw on part like a bottle so I can get it really clean. The cup is a perfect size for my little one and definitely is one of her favorite cups.

So overall we are impressed with the Tommee Tippee Explora Sippy cups. The far better succeeded the other soft spout cups I have tried. I would definitely recommend them to everyone. So check them out or you little one! For more information on Tommee Tippee products, visit their website , Babies R Us page, Facebook page, or follow Tommee Tippee on Twitter!