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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Acqua Essentials.com Thermal Mud Mask review

I love to pamper myself when I can. I love masks, lotions, oils, bath stuff, etc. So when Acqua Essentials asked me if I would like to do a review I was like awesome of course! I got the Caviahue activated Thermal Mud Mask because well I wanted to pamper my face.

The Caviahue thermal mud was awesome. I love masks. This one was easy to put on and easy to take off with minimal mess. This is not too thick. It went on like a brownish lotion all over my face and neck and I left it on for about 15 minutes by then my face was cracking haha and I looked like a mud swamp monster lol. I could feel it drying and tighten up. It didn't dry out my face. It left my face feeling fresh, clean, moisturized and relaxed. I loved it!

I also received a box of sample to try as well so here is what the sample were and my take on them.

The Caviahue Nourishing cream was great. I used it on my face and hands and loved it. It didn't break me out or leave me too oily. It left me feeling soft and moisturized. 

The Caviahue Antiwrinkle cream was also awesome. I used this on my face on my forehead and cheeks and around my eyes. Even with just the tiny bit I had it lasted a few days and I already began seeing a slight difference in my fine lines and stuff on my face.

The Mondariz hydro woman cream  was great as well. I loved the smell of it and it didn't dry out my face. It left me feeling rejuvenated and soft. I love it!

Overall I loved all the stuff and would definitely see myself buying more of Acqua Essentials  products. So if your looking to pamper yourself this holidays or anytime you should definitely check these products out!