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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Barbara's Bakery tastes to good to be good for you

I try very hard to eat healthy. I also try to get my kids to learn to eat healthy as well. I mean don't get me wrong we do have junk food and sweets but I try to give them lots of fruits and veggies. I try to give them lots of meats and fiber foods. I give it in a variety so they learn to eat healthy and not be picky. So when I find foods they love that are healthy for them I have to get it. Barbara's Bakery has just that!

I got some yummy things to try out. The first thing we got were the Puffins Multi grain cereal to try. This one totally intrigued my kids. It looked like captain crunch without the berries of course. I loved that my kids wanted to eat it and snack on it. I love that it is Gluten free and full of prebiotics and only 6g of sugar. It also has 3g of fiber. So how did it taste right? Well my kids loved it. They downed it and asked for more. So two thumbs up from them!

The next thing we got Barbara's high fiber cereal in cranberry. I love cranberry and oats and flake type cereals. So I was excited to try this one. This one was great for my high fiber diet I am supposed to be on. It has 10g of fiber, 25% vitamin D, and 100% vitamin C. I loved the texture and taste of it. It has the sweet and tartness of the cranberries along with the sweet pomegranate taste. The crunchiness of the flakes and grains was awesome. Definitely now one of my favorites.

The next thing was my kids favorite snack. It was the Snackimals in chocolate chip. They are animal cracker but ones that are healthy for you. These have no preservatives, no trans fat, and no artificial flavors or colors. These were sweet and delicious. I manage to steal one from my 2 year old when she wasn't looking lol. These are definitely a keeper.

The last thing we got from Barbara's Bakery was every one's favorite here Cheese Puffs. MMMM we love cheese puffs. We got the Baked cheese puffs in white cheddar. Oh yummy they were crunchy and cheesy. You couldn't tell they were all natural with NO hydrogenated oils, or artificial flavorings, preservatives or colors, or refined sugars, trans fat or high fructose corn syrup at all. Say actually none of these products have any of those things which is awesome and they all have awesome taste. We are very impressed.

So I hope you will check out Barbara's Bakery and all of their awesome products for yourself, and your loved ones. You will be glad you did and so will they.

**This review was brought to you by the Family Review Network & Barbara's Bakery who provided the complimentary product for review in exchange for my honest opinions.”