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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Husky Tools get the job done!

I am always making my husband fix things or I try to fix thing myself. I seem to never find the right screw drive or whatever else tool I need. So when Husky Tools sent me a 48 piece Tri-grip Screwdriver set to test out I was excited because I would have the tools I need for the things I need to get done.

When we got it I was amazed by how convenient and organized the tool was. I looked like a small food chopper lol. Inside the case was 32 screwdriver bit include Philips and Flathead but my favorites the stars and square ones. I never have those and alot of things now have screws with those these days. It also has 14 sockets, a extension bar and the ratcheting tri-grip driver. I loved the big handle which made unscrewing or screwing things in alot easier.This was one of the coolest tools I have seen out there. The best part is this tool is guaranteed to last forever. Plus it is cheap where tools are concerned only $9.88. That is a amazing deal. I use this for everything. My husband loves it too but I am always using it so he hasn't really got much time to use it ha ha.

Husky Tools have the best tools and the guaranteed and are definitely affordable so you have to check them out.They would make a awesome present for a family member or even your self! They have a awesome variety to choose from so check them out now!


Shari said...

I went and checked these out. I am going to look at Lows the next time we are there and see if I can't find me some. Someone *always* takes my screwdrivers.