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Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Paper mama photo challenge- Blessings

These are my blessings My kids. They might not be perfect or be little angels all the time. The might drive me insane and make me want to lock my self in the bathroom in a hot candle lit bubble bath with the radio blasting so I cant hear them at times but I love them and they are my everything. They can be sweet and caring, funny and loving. They a little bit me and a little bit of my other blessing their dad and a lot of their own personalities which makes them extra Special! I love my Blessings good or bad, whiny or giggly, sneaky or cuddly.

This one might not be the best picture but it is to me because it represents my kids and their personalities. They arent always smiles and happy! But we love them anyways!

The Paper Mama


Laura H. said...

Absolutely precious! You will look back at this picture years from now
and wonder where the time went. They are little for so short a time! Enjoy every moment!

hendy said...

This is the best photo, it's perfect because you can so tell all the wonderful personalitie, thanks for sharing

Shari said...

awww and that photo is perfect to represent them all... love this!

Don't tell but I love the green hat crying one in the front the best.. :D

L. said...

This picture is great! I love how real it is--every face tells a different story! :)