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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brand new Hasbro game to spruce up family game night- Ratuki

We absolutely adore card games probably even more than board games. Its amazing what you can play with a deck of cards. I mean really I cant even count how many games you can play so they are always one of our favorite things. Well Hasbro has just came out with a new card game called Ratuki and trust me your gonna love it.

Ratuki is a fast pace game that honestly last mere seconds. It is fun for all ages that know numbers and how to count to 5. To play you deal everyone 3 cards and then every time you lay a card down you grab another one from the deck so you always have 3 cards in your hand. Then next thing is to start with a 1 or Ratuki card and work your way up to 5. Now there are no turns in the frenzy of a game its just a free for all. You hurry and put the number 1,2, 3, 4, 5 then first player to slap the 5 and say Ratuki  gets those card to set in their score pile. Now the thing is you want the most cards so not only can you go up to 5 you can go down. OK a example like say a 3 is on the pile you can put a 2 or 4 next to help get you more card but you can only slap it if there is a 5 on the pile. It is fun and fast so you always got to keep a eye.

Our family loved the game. Even our 4 and 6 year old loved it well except the older kids getting too carried away and smacking the cards to hard and hurting their hands lol. This game reminds me a little of slap jack which brings back alot of childhood memories with my nieces and nephews. Its definitely fun. So if your looking for a great new fun game for family game night for the kids or adults then you have to check out  Ratuki from Hasbro.