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Friday, March 11, 2011

Coppertone Sunscreen Keeping your skin safe

With the weather slowly but surely coming around and becoming nicer out that means more time outside. Honestly I cant wait! I love being outdoors and so do my kids. We go to the park alot and anything we can to be out of the house. With that though comes protecting myself and my kids from the sun. I use one brand 99% of the time because I trust it! That brand is Coppertone. So when Coppertone sent me some of their newest and best lines of sunscreen I was joyed!

They sent us the Coppertone Water Babies Delicate Foaming Lotion that is 75+ SPF. I was in love. I didn't think SPF went that high and waterproof. I love this. My kids love playing in the water from sun up til sun down and reapplying sunscreen every time they get wet is a pain and to have that much protection is awesome. I love that it is a mild formula and don't sting or irritate my kids skin which is awesome for my 2 year old with eczema. This is a new favorite!

They also sent us Coppertone Kids sunscreen with protective Vitamins with 50 SPF in Continuous spray. I love the spray sunscreen. I been using the spray sunscreen for a few years now and love the ease of putting it on. Even my kids can do it. It sprays on in a fine mist hands free from rubbing love it! I love that it now has Antioxidants to help your skin's natural defenses to help fight the damage of the sun. That's awesome!

The last one they sent me was a travel size bottle of the Coppertone Sport Sunscreen  Ultra sweat proof  with 50 SPF. This I love because is perfect to put in my purse to keep with me where ever I go. I always seem to forget to take the sunscreen so this is handy for me to always have it with me. I love that it is sweat proof because being outdoors in 100 degree weather in the summer there is alot of sweating and now I will know that my sunscreen will withstand it and that's great!
I already loved Coppertone but with these new products I am even more in love! If you don't already use Coppertone you should definitely check it out. They are available nationwide at food, drug, mass, and Internet retailers everywhere. So don't let any day go buy without protecting your skin and your loved ones and little ones skin!