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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Hasbro Ji Ga Zo puzzle review

We love doing things as a family in our house. We love game nights and we love just to sit down and put together a go puzzle. So when I heard about Ji Ga Zo by Hasbro I thought this is such a great idea. A puzzle that can make a million different puzzles pictures. I mean that would save so much room by having one puzzle that can make anything. 

When we received it I wasn't sure how it worked but after reading and seeing all you do is take a picture or download a picture and it will give you a pattern layout for you to follow to make the image. Now it is black and white and more of a Picasso type image but you could totally see the image and it is so awesome. We have done pictures of the kids and the cat and favorite cartoon characters and more. This was so much fun and so easy. it has 300 pieces which is a perfect amount for me and my kids. 

About Ji Ga Zo:
"Ji Ga Zo is revolutionizing the Puzzle category! This awesome puzzle has 300 pieces that you arrange to create any face — even your own! Start out with any digital image and upload it using the Ji Ga Zo software. The software figures out the placement of each piece and builds a unique icon map. Then, it’s up to you to arrange the pieces according to the icon map and watch your own special image come together! These 300 pieces are specially created with unique colors and shading that let them interlock to create almost any face image you upload. The possibilities are virtually endless and the “face-making” fun goes on and on! CD-ROM includes icon maps for Mona Lisa, a collie dog, a kitten, a panda bear and MR MONOPOLY."

So if your a lover of puzzles or just love to enjoy time with your kids and family then you have to check out Ji Ga Zo. you will be glad you did and so will your family!