Sunday, July 17, 2011

Moon Dough the fun alternative to Play dough

Honestly I can say I have not always been a fan of play dough. Its stinks so bad and so messy. Only way my kids can play with it is outside lol. But with Moon Dough I don't have to worry as much and my kids love it just as much!

Moon Dough is an amazing molding compound unlike anything you have ever seen before. Launched last
fall, Moon Dough became an instant hit. It is soft and marshmallow-like, cleans up easily, and never dries out so you can use it again and again. Moon Dough is the latest and greatest molding compound that kids love to make their own fun creations!
We got the chance to try out Moon Dough's newest set the Moon Dough Magic Zoo Set. My kids just loved it. I was glad its wasn't crumbly like play dough and it didn't have that awful smell like playdoh. I also loved that it doesn't dry out because well my kids always forget to put the lids back on and waste the clay or playdoh. They loved how soft and easy it was to play with and mold cute little zoo animals. They play with the Moon dough almost daily and have hours of fun with it. It is such a hit at my house. Best part is I don't have to cringe when they want to play with it because its easy to clean up and plus it saves me money on playdoh or clay that usually gets played with once or twice and is no longer usable. Also another awesome thing is this is Wheat free and Hypoallergenic for kids like my youngest would are allergic to alot of stuff. Now I don't have to worry about her getting sick or rashed out!

Moon Dough Magic Zoo
Life in the Zoo is always on the move with Moon Dough’s easy life-like moldings. Just place your Moon Dough into the magic molding Zoo and watch as 1 of 3 animals magically comes to life and walk out! When you can pet animals this soft and fluffy, there’s no way you’ll ever want to leave!
Package Includes:
• 1 Magic Molding Zoo
• 2 Winder Walkers
• 3 Animal Molds
• 1 Fence Mold
• 3 Colors of Moon Dough
Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
So if you have kids like mine who love clay, and playdoh or love making things they will love Moon Dough. This is definitely something you will have to try out and put on birthday and Christmas must have lists! Available at stores everywhere like Walmart, Kmart, Toys R Us  and Etc. You can even check them out on Facebook or Twitter. You will be glad you did!

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