Friday, August 12, 2011

Knot Genie review and Contest

I have 5 girls that all have alot of hair. We have used brush after brush and I still hear whining and griping and crying and running away every time I try to do their hair. Really its got to the point I hate doing their hair anymore. Its a very stressful time for all of us. So when I got the chance to try a Knot Genie I thought why not!
The Knot Genie is a hand held cloud shape brush with no handle almost like a horse brush lol. Its bristles are soft rubber like. I immediately thought this is not going to get the knots out of my girls hair. Boy was I wrong lol. I did like a blind folded test with my girls and brushes half their hair with my regular brush and the other half with the Knot Genie and immediately they could tell a difference. both sides got all the knots out but they didn't cry with the Knot Genie. They were like what are you doing to my hair on the side with the Knot Genie and not realizing I was brushing it and hen I said brushing your hair they were immediately turning around to see what with. That made hair brushing alot easier especially with my long thick haired 3 year old. Now we only use the Knot genie and love it. This will make School mornings alot easier with getting their hair done fast with less drama and that is a very good thing in my crazy house. So head over and get yours now for back to school!

Right now Knot Genie is doing a Back To School Contest on their Facebook Page where you can win a Knot Genie and $500 for college. That's awesome! All you got to do is submit a short video of WHY YOUR CHILD NEEDS THE KNOT GENIE. The first 50 people automatically get a free Knot Genie! So check out the contest and more info HERE!

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