Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 16 Christmas Gift guide- Lite Sprites review

Do you have girls to buy for this Christmas? I have 5 of them just in my home let alone all the nieces. There are alot of little girls in my family. What do you get them besides barbies and jewelry and baby dolls? We have so many of those things I refuse to buy more unless they are something cool and new lol. So when we got the chance to review Lite Sprites I thought why not. They looked like fairies and my girls love those.

When we got it I was surprised to see they are so much more than a little fairy doll. They have a "magic" wand that changes to the color of the object you touch and then you can turn the fairy to that color. That was pretty neat. I knew immediately this would be a favorite of my girls because it was different from the rest of their dolls and barbies. They love glowing things and fairies so I couldn't go wrong with them. This is definitely high on my kids Christmas wish list. Only thing is I need alot of them lol. They are pretty good size and pretty durable even with my 3 year old that is rough on them. In our house these are the newest favorite toy.

Lite Wand
• Magically collect color from almost any flat surface
• Share color and cast spells to help Lite Sprites and Lite-Topia play sets shine
• Get started with 10 built-in colors: red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, fuchsia, pink and white
• Collect and add up to 40 new colors to the color library
• Become an expert at the built-in Color Hunt and Color Mix games
• Colorful lights and enchanting sounds that make the magic of Lite Sprites come alive

• Prisma includes 9 special colors to share and comes with her own Forest Pod
• Prisma can receive colorful light from the Lite Wand, other Lite Sprites and play sets

So if you need a great idea for the special little girl in your life or for friends little girls check out Lite Sprites and all the different play sets they have to go with them. Collect them all and make this Christmas the best ever! They are sold at most stores that sell toys.

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