Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 3 of the Christmas gift guide- Moo cow pepper mill review

Do you have someone on your Christmas list that loves to cook or loves fresh seasonings or how about loves cows or cow print? Well I got the perfect gift for them. Its called the William Bounds Moo Cow Rita Combo Mill. It is a is a cute black and white cow print pepper or sea salt mill. Since I switch to the grinders with the fresh black pepper and sea salt in the grinding mills I cant drag myself back to the stale old regular black pepper and table salt. It tastes so much better when its freshly ground. It is easy to use just put the sea salt or black peppercorn in the mill close it and rotate the handle to grind  your fresh seasoning. You could even mix some of the ingredients and put sea salt and dried minced garlic in it and grind fresh garlic salt. MMM Yummy! I can not get enough of these and best part is that they are a adorable print and so much fun. My kids love using the grinder to help themselves. Also what makes this mill special is that you could put the peppercorn in the bottom to grind and then you favorite table salt in the top and with a shake upside down you get your salt and then just grind for your pepper. Yep 2 in one which saves time and space.

Product info:
Moove into flavor with the udderly stylish Moo Cow Rita Combo Mill from William Bounds. Playful and functional, the mill grinds peppercorns with a twist, and serves salt with a shake – all in one space-saving design. It is 100% American made and assembled.The Moo Cow Rita Combo Mill’s three-step adjustment ring gives the user the freedom to easily choose from fine, medium or coarse grind. With its proprietary milling mechanism, the mill crushes rather than grinds ingredients, producing the freshest flavor with just a twist for sprinkling over salads, roasts, stews and more. The mill’s durable milling mechanism comes with no interlocking parts, so the mill won’t jam or wear out. Available at www.wmboundsltd.com. Suggested retail price $15.

So if you have someone that might like one of these for Christmas or even if its you then check out www.wmboundsltd.com and pick one up today! It make a great present!

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