Monday, November 21, 2011

Nutrisystem Nation- Week 14

Yep I'm back with this weeks progress report of my Nutrisystem weight loss journey. Sorry so late on getting this posted. This month is a busy one for me with my birthday last week and school work and finals coming up and studying. Then Holidays its been crazy and going to be crazier. I actually have been doing awesome with the dieting this week though. No more Halloween candy and eating alot more vegetables and fruits. My hunger is not as bad this week either and my cravings are gone at least for this week. Didn't do alot of exercise since I have been so busy but I'm not sitting around so that's good too.

Food this week I have loved the chicken salad on lettuce or the Broccoli soup and of course the pizza. I adore the blueberry and chocolate muffins for breakfast in the morning because they are yummy and easy to take with me as I run out the door. I have been drinking alot of coffee and hot herbal tea because its been so cold but I have switched to Agave and low fat no sugar creamer this way I am not overloading with the sugars. I think I have been doing quite well and I am so happy! Its tough but doable and that's what matters.

Results so Far
Starting 130lbs
week 1 128lbs loss of 2lbs
week 2 126lbs loss of 2lbs
week 3 127lbs gain of 1lb still down 3lbs overall
week 4 126lbs loss of 1lb down 4lbs since started
week 5 124lbs loss of 2lbs down 6lbs since started
week 6 123.5lbs loss of 1/2 lb down 6.5 lbs since started
week 7 123.5lbs no loss or gain down 6.5 lbs since started
week 8 123lbs loss of 1/2 lb down 7 lbs since I started
week 9 122.5lbs loss of 1/2lb down 7.5 lbs since started
week 10 121lbs loss of 1.5 lbs down 9lbs since started
week 11 120lbs loss of 1 lb down 10 lbs since I started and my first weight loss goal!
week 12 119lbs loss of 1 lb down 11 lbs since started!
week 13 120lbs gain of 1 lb down 10lbs since started!
week 14 119lbs loss of 1lb down 11lbs since started!
So I lost the pound I gained from the week before but I know I loss inches definitely I think for the upcoming week I will do my measurements since I haven't done them in a while Fingers cross they show me the numbers I am hoping for. I have had alot of notice from family and friends about how much I have lost in the face, stomach and thighs so that is a great booster for me. Now to keep up the great work through my two favorite Holidays coming up Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wish me luck cause I'm gonna need it haha!

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