Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prize candle the new candle with a prize #TMMPrizeCandle

If your like me then you love candles. I have so many candles through out my home. I love ones that smell wonderful. Honestly I dont think I could ever have enough candles lol. So when I got the chance to try Prize candles I couldn't wait.

I got the Provence Lavender candle and it smelled heavenly. I love lavender. The candle was a great size and lasted for weeks. It made the whole house smell so good. The best part of these candles if you do not know it there is a ring hidden in everyone of them that could be valued from $5 to $5,000. Yes there is high valued rings in them. Mine was worth $10 but it was still absolutely gorgeous and it was like Christmas opening and apprasing my ring. These would make great gifts for the holidays and they come in many different scents to please anyone.

So if you need a idea for Christmas or Birthdays then look no further Prize candles are the answer. The reciepint will absolutely love the candle and the proze ring. Check out there site and they are even on facebook which will alert you to awesome deals. So check them out today!

Thanks to Tastemakers mom for this review opportunity and Prize Candle for this awesome sample to facilitate the review. All the opinions are my own and I wasn't paid for anything other then a sample for ym honest review!

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