Friday, October 24, 2014

Littlest Pet Shop in home party #LittlestPetShop #MC, #sponsored

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I have 4 girls would all love Littlest Petshop toys. Add that up with all their little friends and that equals alot of little ones who love Littlest Petshop toys. They just can't get enough of the cute little plastic pets and their accessories. They are all over my girls' rooms. I mean who can resist cute puppies, kittens, turtles, frogs, owls and etc.? What's not to love.
We got the chance to host a in home Lttlest Petshop party with my girls and their friends. The girls were so excited to get the chance to play with all their little pets and have fun with their friends. Yes a house full of lot of little girls ages 5-11 was crazy especially with all the awes and animal noises coming from them, but it was weel worth it to see all the sparkles in their eyes when they got to play with these awesome little toys. It was cute watching play house with them and take the pets to the vet and to the store and much more. These little girls have such wild imaginations and their giggle were priceless. The girls loved that there is all kinds of cute little animals. There is definitely a perfect pet for any child to enjoy. They loved all the fun sets that attached together to make cool city scenes so they could really imagine and play with their little pets. We also got to watch the Littlest Petshop animated show that is on the Discovery Family channel formerly the Hub network. The girls loved seeing their little pets come to life on TV and loved the little cartoons. I think my girls are now addicted to the show lol. Overall they all had a blast at the party!

More about Littlest Petshop toys:
This fall, LITTLEST PET SHOP empowers fans to “Be who they wanna be!” with a new way to play that offers the freedom to design their own PET SHOP world, their way. Fans can create their own Downtown City, with customizable style sets and figures inspired by the “Littlest Pet Shop” animated series. Fans can collect and stack the style sets vertically or horizontally to create a unique ‘city skyline,’ then decorate and style the sets with Deco Bits -- unique, small accessories that plug into the environments for a little added glamour – as well as stickers and other decorative pieces. Fans can also collect and customize 100+ new pets, straight from the entertainment!
 So if you have little girls who love cute little animals you have to check out the Littlest Petshop toys everywhere where toys are sold. Trust me your girls will fall in love and your house will begin to fill up with these cute little animals. They would make awesome Christmas and birthday presents for your little ones and their friends. So check them out today!

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