Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dot Girl Products review!!

I was excited to receive this kit to review. My daughter is 10 and is asking all those growing up questions and I am like oh know what to say how to explain. I had a terrible experience with my first period. I got it and it didn't stop for over a month until they did a D&C to stop the bleeding. I was hemorrhaging. I guess i was supposed to start months earlier and didn't so i had so much build up. So since then I have never had normal periods. Just heavy , painful , periods. So I am definitely not gonna tell her my horror story. She would be scared for life haha.

This kit had everything i needed to just briefly get her to some what know about growing up and the changes that are gonna happen to her. It came with a couple pads, a coupon to get a pack free, a heating pad, a couple discreet bags to put soiled pads in to throw them away, a couple hand wipes, a period calendar to chart their period, and a 1st period guide to give them a little info about whats gonna happen, and it all comes in this cute discreet small pouch.

This kit is perfect for those growing up girls we have but don't want to realize it lol. In this kit it says girls can start anywhere from 8 to 15 so alot younger than i thought haha.Dot girl has some great products and books. I would love to get the period a girls guide and lets talk about s-e-x. They both are something I am nervous about talking about to my kids. I have 5 girls so these will definitely come in handy.

My daughter opinions on this kit: She was excited to receive it. She wanted to read the little book right away! She read it and it was simple enough for her to understand other then a few words she need help saying and the little dictionary in the back was awesome to explain the terms. She wanted to show her friends but I told her it wasn't something that she could share unless their mothers said it was OK lol. "I like it. It makes me know more about periods. Now I am ready for when it is here."

Dot Girl Products are great and every mother to a girl should definitely check this site out! http://www.dotgirlproducts.com/

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Anonymous said...

OMG!!!My 11 Year Old just got her period and it has been scary for both of us. Heavy Bleeding and blood clots. It's awful, we are heading to a Pedi Gyno next month that's how worried I am. This week health classes have begun in fith grade and they get a period pack but not a cute as this.

It doesn't matter how many times and ways you explain it you never know how it's going to be when it arrives. I was expecting one thing and got the extreme worse. I'm just afraid she's gonna pass out from lack of blood, that's how much she's loosing.

Good Luck to you and your daughter in this special time.

Ter said...

That's a good idea. When I started my period, I only had the brown discharge and I thought I was pooping in my pants!!! After 3 days of this, I finally told my mom and she knew what it really was and gave me a pamphlet and a pad. That's it! Didn't even show me how to put the pad on or anything!! (hi, I haven't introduced myself yet but now you know more about me than you ever wanted to know. ;) )

A friend of mine, when her daughter was I think 8, their dog went into heat, and so she decided to use that as a lesson for her daughter. She told her daughter that the dog was having a period and took some old undies and cut out a hole for a tail and slapped on a pad. I don't think everyone would have such a cooperative dog, so this little pack is probably much more efficient! :)