Saturday, February 14, 2009

Nix Socks Review!

I have had the awesome opportunity to review these great socks by Nix. They are really great. They are really warm and thick. I love that! I love that they have socks to match everything in your little angels closet. I am a matching freak when it comes to dressing my kids to go out haha. These socks are one of the best socks I have ever found for my kids. Most are so thin that they wear through them in a few weeks these one I have a feeling will be handed down because they are that strong.

Another feature I love is these socks stay put. My little girl hates shoes and socks with a passion so no sooner do I put them on they are back off. With the Utah winters my little one needs something on her little chubby toes and these work great. They stay on her feet even with her tugging and pulling on them i love it. Plus like I said they are very warm and thick so I don't have to worry about shoes.

I think anyone with little kids that like to take their shoes and socks off should own a few pairs of these wonderful socks. What better time to buy them then now they have a 50% off her whole inventory. Now that's a awesome deal!! Really I think you at least need to go check her store out and see what I am bragging about to the world. She is awesome and so is her socks! Check it out here www.nixbaby.com

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