Monday, February 16, 2009

A Soldier's Flowers Review!

A Soldiers Flowers has the best and stylish hair barrettes ever. I got this awesome assortment above and am very pleased with them. I love the new bottle cap styles. They are the cutest! I am also a big flower barrette fan because you can get all kinds of flowers to match any outfit. A soldiers Flowers has a lot of great barrettes and hats and headbands.

Their stuff is made very well. My 11 month old got a hold of one and was able to pull the bottle caps off or the flower which is great since she tries to even pull them out of her cute little red hair lol. I loved that some of them are simple enough for everyday wear and match with anything. Then some are great to wear for even getting pictures done. I love that.

Aren't they just adorable??? Not the kids even though they are cute too but look at those cute barrettes!
Mermaid bottle caps for my mermaid freaks. They love them!!

If you have girls like me I really think you should check out this great store. It has the best barrettes for every girl. http://www.asoldiersflowers.etsy.com/ Trust me you will love whatever you get. I do!!!


Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! Your girls are just too freaking cute. I love the girly stuff too. I miss that now that my girls would run if I tried to make them wear cute dainty stuff. They are 11 and 13 and trying to dress more like bigger teens. Since I'm in controll of the buying around here, the clothes have to cover everything. There's no way they can even alter it once they get to school. Enjoy this time with your girls. I can tell that you do.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Thankyou for a wonderful review! The pictures are awesomeeeee :-D I will email you in April for a giveaway!! Woo HOOOO!

~A Soldiers Flowers