Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Waa-Tah Challege!!

We are challenging mothers and their kids with the notion of choosing water over soda. Most parents believe that if given a choice, kids will pick soda. WAT-AAH! however, we think the opposite.

In the month of March, WAT-AAH! will announce "The WAT-AAH! Challenge":

mothers who participate in this challenge will receive WAT-AAH! samples with instructions to put the bottled water in the fridge, NEXT TO THE SODAS. Mothers/fathers will be asked to write, photograph or videotape their kids' responses and reactions to WAT-AAH! And if in fact they are drinking more water!

Please visit our website http://www.drinkwataah.com for more info. We are also constructing a seprate blog (http://wat-aahchallenge.blogspot.com) dedicated to the challenge... this will feature info about the challenge, blog posts of those who have participated and any videos or photos submitted to us. We will be giving away FREE WAT-AAH! T-Shirts to the top five videos submitted!

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Anonymous said...

Take the Challenge! Send us a line at Wat-aah! if you would like the challenge kit.