Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bella Sara a Huge hit with my girls!!

My son is sooo into trading cards mostly Pokemon but also Yugio cards! He loves trading at school and on weekends and after school. Now the girls are realizing what a big hit this is and some of them are starting to get the Pokemon cards. My girls are very girly girls and always say i wish there were girl cards.Well there is!!! Bella Sara cards are the cutest trading cards for girls!. I love the cute little sayings on them one of my favorites is "Don't Be Afraid To Cry. Tears Have The Magic To Heal A Broken Heart!"

Not only do they have great inspirational sayings they have beautiful pictures of horses and online codes to go online and play fun little games!These Bella Sara Cards are a hit for all the little girls! So why not join in on the fun and check these great trading cards out! Trust me you wont be disappointed! I even want a set for myself lol! read more about them at http://www.bellasara.com/index_bs.aspx

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