Thursday, March 19, 2009

The birth Of Cornelius review

Do you Like John Legend, Tracy Chapman, and Mavin Gaye??? If you do then Corneille is for you! The Birth of Corneluis is a new CD out and it is wonderful! It is so slow and relaxing! He has a wonderful voice that just really touches your soul. Whenever I need to wind down I like to take a hot bubble bath with candles and put Cornelius CD in my radio and relax. He songs are about love, the heart and his own life experiences! I tell you he has been through alot and I am so proud of him to make it this far! I think if you what a wonderful CD for relaxing or for a romantic night in definitely go and buy The Birth of Cornelius. It Hits stores March 10th.
Now a little about his life which is so interesting I had to share his Biography! Corneille was born in Germany, but later moved to Rwanda with his family. Corneille's parents and other family members were tragically killed in the 1994 genocide that claimed over 800,000 victims. Corneille managed to escape and headed back to Germany where he was taken in by some family friends where he used music as a way to shield hurt and forget about the world.
Corneille later moved to Montreal, and attended Concordia College. He then formed a band called O.N.E (Original New Element), and in 2002 , released his first album Parce Qu'on Vient de Lion, where he managed to carve out his niche of French soul and R&B. In 2005, Corneille released his second studio album, Les Marchands de Reves, and toured France on a sixty-date tour.

After the success of his first two albums, Corneille began to feel lost and was searching for a way to reinvent himself musically, which brought him to America, where he says he "humbled" from "having to start from scratch." Corneille then began working on songs that would later be introduced in his first English-language album The Birth of Cornelius.

please if you want to know more about this courageous man and his wonderful Music check out http://www.corneillemusic.com
Thanks to Music Moms for sending me this awesome cd for review!

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