Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Family games night with hasbro games

So we got some great games from Hasbro games for family game night. We do family game night twice a month and have a lot of fun doing it. I gives our family time to bond and talk and have fun as a family instead of a mad house. It is hard work with 6 kids , work, 3 girls dance schedules, choir, soccer practice, soccer games, dance competitions, dance recitals, doctors appointments and etc to really have family time. So every other Saturday we write on the calendar family game night. After dinner we settle down in the living room down stairs set up a games and all of us play a game together. It is one of the best things we could of done for our family.

Hasbro sent us four games for us to enjoy during our family game nights. Last Saturday we played Sorry Sponge bob Squarepants edition. It was fun. I haven't played Sorry since I was a little kid and back then i think it used to have the popple bubble in the middle ha ha. then to top it off with sponge bob, patrick, Mr crabs, and squidword my kids loved it. and it wasn't that hard for them to learn fast. That game went on for about 2 hours ha ha.

Then the second Game was Connect Four the updated Version with 3 different ways to play. me and my son played it while the girls were at dance. We just played the original way and we had a blast and the hour dance seemed to fly by. This game was easy enough for my 4 year old to even play.

The third game Hullabaloo we haven't play yet but looks like a lot of fun almost like a music chairs game without the chairs. I think my kids are gonna love it especially with all the moving and action and exercising. It definitely will wear my kids out for bed. We are very excited to play this game.

The last game was Crazy Old Fish War Card Game. Now if that isn't a tongue twister ha ha. I dare you to say it 10 times. It sounds really confusing but it really wasn't that hard once you get the hang of it. It is all 4 games combined into one excited game . you have to get rid of all your cards by matching, declaring war or go fishing and the mermaid is a lot like old maid and has special features. It is definitely a game you'll want to check out! www.hasbro.com you can also get these at most stores like Walmart, Kmart, Target and more.

Approx retail price is $5.99

approx retail price $15.99

Approx retail price $15.99

Approx retail price $12.99

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ChefDruck said...

So fun! We just got a package from Hasbro too. Totally different games though.

Hullaballoo is a big favorite in our house. Your kids are going to love it.