Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tasty Tuesday birthday bash edition

OK so this is going to be a little different because of the birthday bash going on I figure instead of a recipe this week I would give party meal idea for themes.

OK for the Monkey or jungle theme which is what we are doing :

1.I am making pizza with a monkey face which will be
A cheese pizza with mozzarella cheese on the entire pizza then on the bottom half it will be covered with cheddar cheese to make the muzzle area i guess we will call it ha ha then for the two nose little hole i am using two slices of black olives and put those next too each other on the cheddar cheese muzzle towards the top. then for the mouth i am take some squeezable pizza sauce and make a smile on the muzzle. then for the eyes two pepperonis and that is the main dish.

2. A tropical trail mix

3. chocolate covered frozen bananas

4. tropical punch with sliced up frozen bananas floating on top
5. For dessert of coarse the cute little monkey cupcake that I featured on tasty Tuesday before

Hawaiian party:

1. you can do a Hawaiian pizza or we did a ham ans pineapples
2. Hawaiian brand Luau chips

3. Hawaiian Punch or Tiki punch

4. you can even make Hawaiian smoothies with pineapple, vanilla yogurt, coconut milk, and bananas it is soo yummy
5.Hawaiian sweet rolls

6. for dessert we had a Hawaiian cake it was adorable

For a princess or dress up party or tea party:

1. we called them princess sandwiches they were just cream cheese and jam sandwich and some were peanut butter and jam and we used cookie cutters to cut them into cute hearts or stars

2.strawberry ice tea and princess punch which was Hawaiian punch and i took purple koolaid and made it and pour it into ice cube trays and then when frozen put into the Hawaiian punch and pour half a bottle of sprite in it is really good

3.princess cookies we found at walmart then were graham cracker they were pretty good.

4 then i had a cupcake cake and to top it off on the invitation we told every one to come dressed up which we also did with the Hawaiian luau it makes for a cute time

Sports themed party:

1. we had pizza because it is the easiest thing to make themed we used mozzarella and cheddar cheese and tried to pattern the cheese like a soccer ball it was really cute

2. we blue Hawaiian punch with the purple ice cubes again because it looks black when added to the punch

3. we found some cute Popsicle brand sport Popsicle that when great you know the ones you used to get from the ice cream truck with the baseball bubblegum in the middle

4. we had a soccer field cupcake cake i love cupcakes so much less work then cutting cake ha ha

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