Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Agoo review

I received this adorable leg huggers from Agoo and we love them! They are great for keeping little ones legs covered and protect while crawling, climbing, running or dancing. Leg Huggers offer so many different style and colors for every ones needs and likes. They're great for keeping legs warm in cold weather. Leg Huggers are made from 100% sustainable Bamboo fibers.
With spring here and summer coming I love to use them with my babies dresses so her poor knees are covered since she still falls alot and sometimes crawls. My other girls love them to wear with their dance leotards. They are a awesome accessory for any outfit! We love them and we know you will too! They have more then just Leghuggers too! They has really cute clothes also So Check them out at http://leghuggers.com/

and they also have a facebook account to raise awareness on their products so if you have a facebook check them out there and add them to stay updated on their new products http://www.facebook.com/pages/Leg-Huggers/53757382076 .

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