Monday, April 6, 2009

Lego has done it again!

All 5 of my kids love Lego's. Most of the time it gets built to the directions once then it becomes whatever my kids decide to make ha ha. We got these two Lego sets Star wars editions and my kids were ecstatic to build! We got the Clone Trooper Battle Pack and the Assassin Droids Battle Pack. My son was even more excited he loves star wars!

My son was the first to get to these and open them and start trying to build them to the directions. He loves to use direction and see that he can actually build it to look like the picture. He was able to figure it out on his own with no help from me. Yes I am sad I wanted to play Lego's too but he is brilliant when it comes to building. He was so excited to have them done he showcased them on his dresser well until the other kids seen Lego's ha ha!!

The girls noticed more Lego's so they snuck in his room and jacked them and rebuilt castles and cars and whatever their little girly minds come ponder ha ha. Yes I must say they had a blast but brother wasn't too happy with them! He preceded to jack them back and fix them back to what they are supposed to be and told the girls not to touch them again and let them use his older Lego's ha ha!

Lego has soo many different styles and characters and themes now when it comes to Lego's. You really must check them out! there are girls ones, toddler ones, and themed ones! There is definitely something for everyone! So make this Easter even more fun and get some Lego's for their baskets for hours of fun!

Here is the individual info on thiese awesome sets and trust me they are just as great as they sound!

Clone Troopers Battle Pack - 8014
Fans can build up their battle forces! Builders can march across the battlefields of the Clone Wars with this tough two-man walker with flick-firing action. Includes 3 Cone Troopers and an all-new Clone Trooper gunner.
72 pieces Age 6+
$10.99 (USD) $12.99 (CAD)

Assassin Droids Battle Pack - 8015
Builders can take control in the Clone Wars with this droid speeder with flick-firing action that unleashes the Assassin Droids on the Jedi. Features five all new minifigures: 3 Assassin Droids and 2 Assassin Droid commanders.
94 pieces Age 6+
$10.99 (USD) $12.99(CAD)


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