Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nimli Review!

Nimli I must say has some beautiful stuff. They have stuff for men, women, kids, pets and more! I got the beautiful Cashmere Pashmina Shawl in Gold and a Silk Charmeuse Sash in Spearmint. I love them!
I love the shawl because it is so soft and warm. It is a beautiful color. I also like the size of it not to small and not too big. It is long enough to cover me and keep me warm and elegant looking. I love wearing a white tank top under it and some jeans and then throwing the shawl over as a great accessory that looks fabulous! It is a great item to accessorize any outfit!It is a must have!http://www.nimli.com/detail_136__159.html#
The beautiful silk sash I love to use as a belt or waist accessory. It is also great around the neck too. The pretty green color is beautiful with my black pants and skirts and very gorgeous with my white clothes too! It is soft and so simple to grab and use. My daughters like to use it as a headband which I must say is also very beautiful. So many uses for this great item!http://www.nimli.com/detail_104__159.html#

Nimli has so many items to choose from and tons of color choices too. they have some great facial scrubs, shoes, purses, aromatherapy, makeup and soo much more. There is soo much I would love to try! I want the Louella Bloom Camisole if I can talk my hubby into letting me get it ha ha. I would also love to try the aromatherapy stuff, I am so into that kind of things ha ha! Trust me you must check this awesome store out at http://www.nimli.com/

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