Friday, April 24, 2009

Sambucol review

Sambucol is a product I just recently found out about and glad I did. Now my family is a high risk for flu and colds. I have a son with Asthma , a baby with severe sinus issues, and kids prone to colds . They have had Pneumonia, RSV, premature lungs at birth so Ive been through it all it seems ha ha. I totally hate cold seasons, flu season, allergy season, well every season brings something up in our household lol. Well that's where Sambucol comes in 2 teaspoon daily helps fight of flu's and cold. It strengthen your immune system. It can be used on children as young as 2. Plus it taste great!
When I opened it and smelled it it smelled like prune juice ha ha. It even taste like juice. My kids drank it without any fight. You could even mix it with grape juice and you would never know its in there at all. There is so many different types of Sambucol too. There is Sambucol for kids, Regular Sambucol, Sambucol Immune Formula, and new Sambucol cold & flu relief tablets.The main ingredient is Black Elderberry Extract which has twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and cranberries. I love that it is all natural. Me and my family all take it now to help prevent flu's and colds. I believe in all natural products and I am glad I got the chance to get to know this great product and I am definitely a customer now!!http://www.sambucolusa.com/


Hyla said...

Fantastic! Love this I will have to check into it. Our 3 year goes from sniffles to pneumonia in less than 24 hours.

Unknown said...

I will read from time to time for that.