Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sundae Spa is delicious!!!

Do you love great smelling things? Do you love great looking things? Then you will love these! Sundae Spa has some of the best smelling and realistic looking soaps ever! When I received my box full of these great goodies they looked so good . I mean good enough to eat ha ha! Even my child thought they were real. They smelled real and looked real. I was tempted to just put them on a plate and set them on the back of the toilet for decorations. Well actually a couple I did do that but I wanted to try a few too.

My oldest took the creamsicle Popsicle one and used it. She love it and loved the smell. She smell like a orange creamsicle all day. So delicious! My little ones loved the stick on it to wash their body ha ha!

My son and other daughter chose the rubber ducky one that smell like chocolate drizzle. mmmmm!!! It was the cutest soap ever. It left them smelling like chocolate all day! I love that my little ones used it and it didn't dry out their skin or break out their sensitive skin either.

I used the cupcake bath fizz. I'm a sucker for bath stuff ha ha! I especially love bath fizzes. I put it in and watched it spin and fizz and turn my water blue and make the whole bathroom smell like blueberries. I felt like I was in a orchard full of blueberries! i sat and soak for a good 30 minutes in the bath and then the frosting was used to wash my body which is a great idea! I loved that the smell lasted with me all day. Even my mom smelled it on me that night lol. I have very sensitive skin and eczema too and this didn't irritate it which surprised me with all the scent. I love it! It contained Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Cocoa Butter which left my skin so soft too!

Sundae Spa is a great present for families, kids, birthdays, christmas , whatever the occasion these are great! Gosh just buy them because they are so great lol. You definitely must check them out and see how realistic they really are at http://www.sundaespa.com/ They are really cheap and fun. Definitely worth it!!!
Thanks to Sundae spa and Extraordinary mother for letting me try such a great product!!

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CaseyDeuce said...

I LOVEEEEE Sundae Spa!! Their products are simply fabulous!!