Thursday, May 21, 2009

Energizer & National Geographic Photo contest!

Energizer and National Geographic have teamed up for the Ultimate Photo Contest.
The winner gets two tickets to the Galapagos Islands (the islands that inspired Darwin's Theory of Evolution). The winning photo will also appear in the National Geographic magazine. How Awesome is that!
As much as I love taking pictures you know ill be entering too!

There are several different categories
- Weather
- Nature
- Travel
- Animals/Wildlife
- People/Culture
- "Keep Going"/Inspiration

Check out some of the previous winner's photos too.There are some amazing photos to be found on their site.You can submit your own photos, rate other's photos and ask questions of an award-winning photographer and contest judge Jim Richardson. Above is last year's winning photo by Doug Steakley in the Travel category.To learn more about the photography contest please visit www.nationalgeographic.com/lithium.

Plus I must give a shout out to Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. The are the best batteries I have found out there with 6 kids plus their toys and 3 digital camaras and MP3 players and so on we go through alot of batteries. These batteries have stood up again my old batteries which was only digital batteries i bought which were very pricey and these did just as good if not better for more than half the price I love them!! www.nationalgeographic.com/lithium

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