Friday, June 5, 2009

Dapper Snappers review

I got the great chance to try out Dapper Snappers and i think it is such a great idea, one of those why didn't I think of that haha! They are a elastic band with snaps on it that you use to sinch the back of your kids pants, short, or skirts together so no need for belts or adjustable waists. 5 out of 6 of my kids can so use these! I love it on my almost 3 year old because we are potty training and there is only so many dresses you can wear lol. These make it easy for them to pull their pants down without removing to go potty which is also great for my 4 year old who has accidents because she cant get the belts off. All my kids are under average for their weight and so the outfits never fit especially pants and trying to find adjustable pants reasonable or small enough belts are impossible. Well Dapper Snapper solved that! I love these! I so need more now. One in every color, so I have one to match with everything. So if you have this problem with your little ones you need to check out Dapper Snappers!! http://www.dappersnappers.com/
Here's a little bit of company info about Dapper Snappers:

The Dapper Snapper consists of a short piece of suspender elastic with snaps that fits in the back 3 belt loops of the child's pants and snaps over the outer 2 loops to cinch the pants thereby keeping them from falling down. They are recommended for ages 9 mo-5 yrs and one size fits all.

The Dapper Snapper:
*Eliminates the need for adjustable waistband pants.
*Does not need to be removed for diaper changes and does not impede potty training.
*Is adjustable to 4 sizes.
*Components (snaps, thread, elastic, everything), including packaging are made in the USA. I don't use anything imported. Even the staples on the packaging are USA made.
*Is invented by a mom (that would be me)
*Just won an Honorable Mention in the 2008 StartupNation Home-Based 100 Competition! http://tinyurl.com/dshonor

For the same price as our Original Dapper Snappers, we have added the ability to customize your Dapper Snappers they way you want. Have a favorite outfit or sports team you want to match? Chances are we have the colors you need.

Single Original and Custom Dapper Snappers retail at $8.95. We have girls and boys sets (3 singles) and rainbow sets (6 singles) also available. Check out our lines at http://www.toddlertechusa.com/. You can see more about Dapper Snappers on our website, including a how-to video, at http://www.dappersnappers.com/.

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Jennifer said...

Oh how cool! I should get some of these!