Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Madness

1. How come the city must shut your water off to do construction on a monday morning from 9-5 why cant they possibility do it later in evening???
2. How much is today gonna be with two kids going in to doctors for their 15 month check up and their 3 year old check up and possible shots??? I give up on knowing if shots are involved anymore they seem to add new ones every time!!

3. How come it is beautiful sunny and 90 degrees and next day it cloudy rainy cold windy and 60's?? WTH wheres Summer again???

4. How come you get every singel piece of laundry washed and think yay im done just to turn around and see more???

5. Last but not least how come all of those commercial stain removers for clothes dont work? Ive tried just about every one out there from $1 to $10 and my kids clothes are still stained up?????

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