Thursday, June 11, 2009

Peter rabbit Organics

So I had the great opportunity to have my kids try Peter Rabbit Organic fruit pouches and I was happy with the results. My kids love fruit so I don't have a problem in that area but it is hard for us to take certain fruits with us to picnics or car rides because they are way to messy. Then there is my 1 year old who only has 6 teeth and cant bite fresh fruit and wont eat baby food . So we deal with messy applesauce and bananas which make a huge mess. With Peter Rabbit Organic fruits she can suck it out of the pouch like a juice with no mess. I love it!

My kids loved it. All of them fought over them ha ha! My favorite part is it is 100% organic, no sugar added, and no preservatives! I love that they are easy to take with us as a snack on the run. We are out a lot with dance and soccer so this is a great way to give them something healthy on the run. These are a hit in our family and I know they will be a hit in yours. Check them out at http://peterrabbitorganics.com/usa

Here is some company info:

Our new peter rabbit organics fruit pouches are the perfect on-the-go snack for busy parents.
Our fruit pouches contain organic fruit with no added sugar or artificial ingredients. Similar to squeezable drink pouches, they’re easy to drop into a diaper bag, lunch box or purse without breaking like glass jars or spilling like other snacks. Unopened pouches don’t need to be kept in the refrigerator, so they’re great for car trips and play dates.

We think Peter Rabbit is a great match for healthy snacking. Being fun and mischievous, just like a lot of kids we know, his personality charms both children and parents.
Peter Rabbit Organics pouches contain a full serving of fruit and are ideal for babies ready for solid food, as well as toddlers and elementary-aged kids. Kids will enjoy the fruit straight from the pouch – no spoons required! Plus, choke-free caps make them safe for the little ones.
We currently offer 3 different fruit varieties:

- Strawberry and Banana

- Mango, Banana and Orange

- Apple and Grape

Our pouches contain no added water, we just use fruit. http://peterrabbitorganics.com/usa/

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