Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swerve the new great invention for Dad!

Now this is a review for something my hubby had to do and i just got his opinions and also a few of my own too lol. We got to review The Swerve which is a full body groom tool that was designed by two friends who wanted to help men easily shave the back of their necks without nicks, cuts or asking for help from their wives.

The Swerve is a razor that fits into an ergonomically designed handle that fits in the palm of your hand. It makes shaving the back of your neck easier than a regular razor does. The design of the Swerve just feels more natural. Which is awesome.
When my hubby first seen it he thought this little thing isn't gonna do much! "Are you sure Men use this?" Ha ha yes dear!! My hubby has really thick hair and so he was shocked that it cut through it no problem and didn't have to go over it a hundred times. He liked that it was easy to use and get into hard areas. He even used it to shave his face and it did great. It didn't leave all the redness as his cheap one time use razors he buys. He goes through 3 one time use razors when he shaves normally. The Swerve did it all and stayed sharp and got the job done which my hubby liked! Also liked that it is small and in a easy to take along package for trips!

My opinion it is a great invention! I want one for my legs. I looks like it is so comfortable and easy to use. I like the design and the way you hold it by cupping it in your hands between your fingers. I like that it helps my hubby stay more groomed and nice looking. I love that i don't have as much to do now just his hair now! Maybe they will event something to cut his hair himself ha ha! Thanks Swerve we lot it!

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