Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Car MD Review

Me and my hubby has gotten a few vehicles that had issues when we got them and it cost us alot of money to repair or we took a loss and got rid of the vehicle. Well with Car MD this is not gonna be a problem any more! This little hand held machine plugs into the car and test it to see if a problem is found in the car. Plus it only takes like 2 minutes and done! Now we can test cars before we buy them or if a light comes on our car that we already own no more taking it to a mechanic to find out what is wrong with it and then trying to find a honest mechanic is hard. Well with the Car MD it will plug in and a light will come on with in a few minutes. If the light is green the there are no issues at this time. If it comes up yellow there is a possible issue with the vehicle and if the red light comes on there is a issue that needs repaired! If yellow or red does come up then you go onto the computer to http://www.carmd.com/ and plug the tester into the computer and a report will come up telling you the cause of the problem, how to fix it and the cost to fix it. That is awesome!
We tried our machine on three vehicles. First one was our 2004 mini van and it came up green so great nothing wrong yet ha ha! Then I tried it on my moms 2005 impala and it also came up green so that was good since she just had it fixed a couple months ago and cost her over $500 plus the fees to do a diagnostic check so this would of eliminated that cost but we have it k=now and know for next time! The last car we tried was my brother in law civic and it was yellow and brought up codes and how to fix the problems. So it works and we now can we can rest assure when we buy a car or need to go to a mechanic we can check our self so we don't get suckered again.

I think everyone should own one of these! I know money is tight with the economy but this will save so much money and will make up its cost with the very first use. My mom paid $65 for a diagnostic check at a mechanic so that adds up fast. Then think if you buy a lemon you out all that money which could of been saved by using Car MD. It truly is a live saver and the great thing is it is small and fits in its small pouch and can easily be stored in your glove box. It is easy to use and I cant say enough good things about this. It is definitely a must have! Check them out at http://www.carmd.com/

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