Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Clean + Green review

So lately i have been really going green more and more. Now what better way to go green than cleaning supplies? With us being a normal family with 6 kids and pets the house is not always great smelling and we are not getting rid of any family members to fix this problem though we thought about it lol! Well Clean + Green is here to save the day! http://www.sea-yu.com/

We got to test out the Carpet Upholstery Odor Eliminator, Cleaner & Stain Remover and the Furniture Refresher Odor Eliminator and Cleaner. I wasn't sure if they would work in our house. There are food spills, throw up spot, urine spots and who knows what else is in our carpets. I have steamed cleaned the carpets but if you get down on the floor they still stink. So I took these product out and really tested them. I sprayed my carpet in the living room according to the direction and waited for them to air dry. No scrubbing nothing.

My initial thought was I wasn't sure about the scent and if my carpet smell like that afterwards I'm not gonna like it. I was also think how long is this gonna take to dry since this is a high traffic area. Well I was shocked within 10 minutes the carpet was dry and didn't have the scent i didn't like. Now to get down on my stomach lay out and sniff the carpet nose to carpet, very close up. Was the odor and stink still there??? No they were gone completely gone! Even the dusty smell was gone! No more urine smells, throw up smells, and poop smells yay!!! http://www.sea-yu.com/

Next I tried my husbands red chair that we got from his grandpa after he passed. I was hesitate on them because these are old and i didn't want this to mess up the color on them since they are a memory piece. I tested on a spot to make sure and it was fine. Now these chair must be like 50 or 60 years old and who know the last time they have been cleaned and there were cats and dogs on them and who knows what else. I have vacuumed them and wiped them down but the dusty yucky odor still sticks to them. After Clean + Green they were refreshed and smell clean! I love it!

Clean + Green passed my harsh, thorough tests. I definitely will and would buy these again and they will be in my cleaning arsenal forever. If you have kids and pets this is a must have for your home! Check them out at http://www.sea-yu.com/

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the help i need something to get the dog smell out of my house